Probotics AVG Systems improve your productivity

Improve  labour productivity and logistic performance on your factory floor with our AGV-systems

Do you realize how much time your skilled workers spend on logistic tasks during a day? Suppose you would use one of our AGV systems, you could gain as much as 10 to 20% productivity!

What we can do for you can be summarized as:

  • analyze your internal movements of goods to define your business case for AGV's use
  • define your logistic requirements for an AGV system
  • plan system integration and installation including interfaces to machines, doors, elevators, etc.
  • train your personnel
  • implement the AGV system on your shop floor
  • provide automatic loading/unloading for the AGV'

We offer our own brand of PM200 Packman AGV's as well several other brands allowing us to give you the best possible independent advise.

 --->>>   Preview movie of the PM200 robot <<<---

Download here our vision on future in logistics with autonomous mobile robots

Look here for more Artikelen about our AGV's

Research institutes and education should have an opportunity to work with the best systems available on the market. For them we have special offers as we want to bring the best technology to students and researchers


Our preferred robot system suppliers are:

We engineer your mobile robots for a variety of industrial and service applications